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3 kits left. Ready to ship immediately. Future adapters will be made once per year only, in March, pre-order only, as part of the annual specialty adapter run. Since these were still in stock during the start of the 2024 Specialty Run, they are not being offered again till 2025.


The adapter makes your OM60x look like the back of a Modular V8 (i.e., Coyote 5.0, 4.6L, etc). The crank adapter uses the Coyote "8-bolt" crank pattern. The 4.6L uses a 6-bolt pattern, so be sure you source the correct 8-bolt flexplate. The engine is clocked 15° to the RH side. Adapter is 1.25" thick. All factory Ford parts are used except starter. The 60x starter is used and is mounted externally, unlike other adapters on the market.


The 6R80 is what most people want, but there’s a long list of other transmissions, both automatic and manual. There's currently one 6R80 controller available, but another is on its way.


The engines this will work with includes, but is not limited to: OM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM05, OM606, OM612, OM647. It may also work with M103/M104, but is has not been tried yet.


Be aware that Ecoboosts also used a 6R80/10R80, but are incompatible since they don't have the Modular V8 pattern.

OM60x to Ford Modular V8 (6R80) Adapter Kit


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