This blemished adapter plate has a through hole instread of a threaded hole next to the starter. You can either drill and tap this to a larger thread, weld a stud in, or find a smaller profile bolt. This plate is discounted $50 because of this.


The VW 1.9 AHU/ALH TDI to W56 Adapter Kit will mate your VW 1.9 AHU or ALH TDI donor motor to your stock Toyota 5-Speed manual G-52/54 or W56 transmission. All hardware is included, as well as the adapter plate, dust shield, custom pilot bearing (commercially available), and starter spacer. My custom ARP flywheel bolts allow you to bolt the flywheel directly to the crankshaft, You can opt for a brand new 9-1/4" flywheel. The flywheel is machined to the TDI crank pattern and is ready to be bolted on. This new flywheel comes neutral balanced. This flywheel uses a clutch from a 1994 4x4 22RE Toyota Pickup. CKT049 by Aisin is what I recommend. The Toyota starter is used with this kit.


This kit was designed for the AHU and ALH Volkswagen TDI. Many other VW diesels share the same bellhousing pattern, but it is not guaranteed the components on those engines will fit the same (i.e., starter, manifolds, oil filter, etc.). The 1.8 Gas engines may also work.

Blemished VW 1.9 TDI to W56 Adapter Kit

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$450.00Sale Price