Limited offer! As I begin to deconstruct #projectbacktothegreenfuturepart2 for a major facelift, I am offering up the very last "Cooling Kit" for the 84-95 Toyota OM617 swaps. This is a USED kit. The majority of the front core pieces are welded together already. I will cut out new side pieces on the plasma table. Normally, these parts would sell for over $430 new! I'm offering the lot for $300 + shipping. If you're already fabbing your own motor mounts, not running A/C, and plan to leave your W56 in its stock location, this is the kit you need. This truly is the  last time this will be available.


Used Kit Contents:

-Weld-in front core-support

-Pressure tank brackets

-Radiator hoses with aluminum splice connectors

-Doomsday thermostat housing

-Meziere thermostat housing house adapter

-Summit Racing/Northern Radiator SUM-380645




FULL OM617 Cooling Kit WITH Radiator

$435.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price