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The HE200WG 5cm²-to-OM617 Bolt-on Adapter allows you to upgrade to a modern turbo without any welding or fabrication. An exhaust manifold adapter bolts to the exhaust manifold and the HE200 bolts to it. This spaces the turbo over to allow the factory air cleaner to be retained. An intake manifold adapter is the key component to avoid the need for custom welding. This adapter mimicks the OEM intake manifold coupler, using the same Mercedes o-ring. On the other side, the Holset v-band coupler mates perfectly to the turbo.

Performance - This kit will not perform as well as if you'd weld a new centered inlet onto the OM617 intake manifold. Some performance is sacrificed for ease of installation. Turbo Test results are listed on the Tech Info page. The HE200WG 5cm², when coupled with this adapter, performs well up to 4000 engine RPM. Drive pressure and EGT begins to rise quickly after driving above 4000 RPM. It is not recommended to drive at sustained speeds above 4000 RPM. It is perfectly OK to rev the engine above 4000 RPM for passing or accelerating and shifting thru gears.

Contents included:


(1) 1018 Exhaust manifold adapter

(1) 6061 Intake manifold adapter

(1) T3 Gasket

(6) Stainless nuts

(2) Stainless SHCS

(1) Intake manifold O-ring

(1) Holset HE200WG Compressor Outlet O-ring

(1) Holset V-band Coupler


Oil drain sold separately. At this time, it will be up to you to adapt the exhaust downpipe. The OEM air cleaner/turbo 180° coupler will work with this turbo. It will be required to heat the coupler and slighty re-form it.

HE200WG 5cm²-to-OM617 Bolt-on Adapter

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