Looking for the ultimate turbo upgrade for your stock OM617? Want supercharger response? Don't want the hassle of adding an intercooler but want lower EGT's? This turbo is exactly what you need!


Doomsday Diesel has performed extensive testing on nearly a dozen different turbo setups to find the perfect match for the factory 5.5mm injection pump. While both factory turbo options are slow to start spooling around 1800 RPM, this HE200WG provides 5psi of boost by 1200RPM!!


The factory turbos both offer excessive EGT's at mid-to-high RPM. This is partially due to their restrictive wastegate setups, but also simply due to their mismatch for the OM617. Drive pressures with the factory turbos put lots of extra strain/load on the engine, while pushing EGT's to unsafe levels. This HE200WG runs super-cool at lower-to-mid RPM. The trade-off for the low-end response is a restriction at high RPM. This HE200WG supports nearly 22psi in stock form vs. 9psi with the factory options, all while running MUCH cooler than the factory options set at 9psi! This turbo performs like a supercharger. You will have nearly immediate boost off-idle. You will be able to cruise with far lower EGT's than stock. When pulling a grade, you will find less downshifting is required, as well as lower EGT's. You will also find more power at lower RPM due to the increased efficiency of this turbo.


If operating at high RPM for sustatined periods, you must pay attention to EGT's, as they will start to climb when driving at sustained speeds of over 4000 RPM. If operating at high RPM for short bursts, such as before shifting gears or to pass a vehicle, you will find this HE200WG to perform better than the factory options.


What's included:


-T3 Gasket

-Exhaust flange and gasket


When installing, oil feed and drainage are critical to the proper function and longevity of the turbo. Find the turbo mounting requirements in the Tech Info section. The oil inlet is M10x1.25. If you are unsure about your setup, contact me to discuss. This turbo has a T3 flange and will bolt directly to the OM617 exhaust manifold without modification.


Optional accessories include:

-Compressor Outlet Elbow (90°)

-OM617 HE-Series Oil Drain Kit (save $6 by ordering here)
-HE200WG 5cm²-to-OM617 Bolt-on Adapter (save $10 by ordering here)

Holset HE200WG 5cm²

Compressor Outlet
Oil Drain
OM617 Bolt-On Adapter