This bracket makes mounting your Osias Oil Pressure Regulator in your Toyota easier. It mounts using one pre-existing hole on the firewall pinch-weld. A second weld-nut is included in case you'd like to drill a second hole thru the pinch-weld. This bracket is designed to fit 1984-2004 Toyota Pickups/Tacomas/4Runners. Some slight modification may be required to make it fit.


This kit contains:

-Stainless steel bracket with weld-nuts

-(2) M8 bolts and washers


You supply:

-Osias Oil Pressure Regulator (which comes with hardware for the regulator)


such as this one:

Now let's get down to why you need an Oil Pressure Regulator! Your OM617 creates too much oil pressure for the Holset HE and HX turbos. The OM617 easily produces 110psi, whereas the turbos want about half of that. A restrictor orifice reduces pressure but also significantly reduces flow. This OPR only slightly reduces flow in comparison. The more flow you have, the more the oil can cool your turbo. This unit is also adjustable whereas an orifice can only be made larger.

Osias Oil Pressure Regulator Bracket

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