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Order Status

Lead Time/Estimated Ship Date

Here's some general info on lead times that should cover 90% of orders:

-Machined parts that are built-to-stock are ready to ship immediately. If I run out of hardware, it can add 1 business day.

-Welded parts are all welded-to-order. Simple parts like motor mounts can be ready in 1 business day. Complex parts such as oil pans and power steering brackets will take several days, sometimes weeks.

-Pre-ordered parts will have the ETA listed on the product webpage and possibly also on your invoice/receipt. I will only provide updates about the ETA of these parts if the ETA changes from what was originally advertised. Example: If you pre-order something with an 8 week lead time and ask me after 4 weeks for an update, I will not respond.

Be sure to check my website/social media for the latest updates. I always post updates of when I will be closed, when I'm buried & catching up, and when things are slow & lead times are short. It never seems to fail that people ask for updates when I'm closed because they don't read the updates and realize I'm not even here.

PLEASE NOTE - If you don't receive an order confirmation, please contact me! If you make a typo on your email address during checkout, you obviously won't receive any of the automated emails. I can easily fix this for you.

I understand you may need to know when your order will be shipped, as you might not be home to accept it, have a project deadline, etc. In this case, please don't hesitate to email me!


Please don't ask me for an ETA just out of curiosity. The time it takes to respond to these emails only further pulls me away from getting orders out.

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