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This product is now available in a limited capacity, as I am no longer offering v-belt tensioning solutions. If you order this bracket, you'll have to design your own tensioner for the v-belt.


This bracket covers 4 key tasks. First, it accepts both the 22R and Trail Gear TC-style power steering pumps by simply mimicking the 22R engine block. Your OEM 22R bracket is required if you run the Toyota P/S Pump. The Trail Gear bracket is required to run their TC-style pump.


Second, this bracket accepts the AD230 and AD244 alternators, found in early-2000's GM vehicles, such as Suburbans and Silverados. These alternators were chosen for multiple reasons. They are new technology. They dyno with incredibly high maximum ouputs, as well as incredible idle outputs. The 4-wire version is desired, as it has a signal wire as well as a a tachometer signal output. They are also incredibly cheap, even when buying brand new (not refurbished) units. The AD244 requires a 1" body lift to clear the Toyota hood. The AD230 does not require a body lift.


Third, the bracket has an idler pulley mount. It is highly recommended to run a dual-groove pulley with the AD-style high-output alternators, to acheive ample belt grip. The alternator and P/S pump are lined up with the furthest rear crankshaft pulley. The furthest rear belt is tensioned by using the Doomsday Diesel OM617 Belt Tensioner Bracket. The front belt only wraps around the crankshaft pulley, waterpump pulley, and alternator. The front belt is tensioned using the provided turnbuckle. The idle pulley is used to re-route the front belt so it does not run into the vacuum pump.


Fourth, this bracket has a mount for the OM617 fuel filter head. This bracket allows use of the Donaldson/CAT fuel filter without any additional spacer bracket required.


This sytems allows you to run your choice of power steering pump, either an AD-series or a Mercedes alternator (if running the Mercedes alternator in stock location), and your choice of AC compressor (if running the AD-series alternator). You can also choose not to run an AC compressor, at all. Lastly, you could also chose to just run an alternator with no power steering or A/C. The possibilities are nearly endless! A lot of time and thought was put into the developement of this kit to try to accomodate everyone's needs and desires!


This kit comes with 2 options: The "W/ Alternator Mount" option includes an alternator/power steering bracket, a turnbuckle mounting bracket, a stainless steel turnbuckle, and all required hardware. You provide the idler pulley: Gates 36270


The "W/O Alternator Mount" option only comes with the main power steering bracket. The alternator tabs are not included, nor is the turn buckle, turn buckle bracket, idler pulley, or idler bracket.


If running A/C, an AD alternator, and Toyota P/S, you'll need to order the OM617 Accessory Belt Tensioner.


Tensioner idler:

Fluid Reservoir:


NOTE: 300TD engines with the SLS pump will not work without a Vacuum Pump Delete and modification to your P/S bracket. Please contact me before ordering if using one of these motors.

22R-to-OM617 Power Steering and Alternator Bracket

PrecioDesde $111.69

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