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The new 5VZFE-to-OM617 Motor Mounts position the OM617 as close to the firewall as possible, while still being able to remove the valve cover without too much extra effort. Sliding the engine back this far allows the factory radiator, hood latch, and Toyota A/C system to be retained. These motor mounts are designed to be used with Doomsday's Transmission Crossmember Bracket. The Mercedes OIl Pan can be retaind, although some minor clearancing with a BFH may be necessary.,


These 1/4" steel motor mounts are laser cut, formed and welded. These brackets fit 1996-1999 V6 Toyota 4Runners  1996-2000 V6Toyota Tacomas. The 2nd gen Tacomas/4Runners may require some custom fab, as they apparently changed the motor mount design for those years.


These mounts are designed to work with the OEM Toyota rubber isolators (86-95 Pickup style). Use of solid mounts, such as Trail Gear's "bomb proof" mounts, will cause destruction of either these mounts or your frame. Something has to soak up your engine's vibrations, and the last thing you want that to be are your welds.

5VZFE-to-OM617 Motor Mounts

Please allow 4-5 weeks after ordering for these to be special-made for you.

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