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First, a replica of the M934 Boarding Ladder/Stairs will be produced. Slight changes will be made to improve on the design and add production efficiencies. Rather than riveting the stairs to the rails, which proved to be a major weak point on the OEM stairs, they'll be welded in place & wider rails will be used to add welding surface area.


The 2nd phase will include offering taller units with more steps for MV's on taller tires, such as the M939A1/A2 on 14R20's. I will also offer a unit made specifically to hang off the tailgate of cargo beds on 6x6's such as M923. I plan to offer 2 lengths - 1 for 11R20's and 1 for the larger group of tires such as 14R20, 16R20, 395/85R20.


Target pricing is between $200-$300. I will update as I learn more. These will ship bare aluminum.


Estimated shipping is $65 for 1 ladder via UPS Ground. Multiple ladders would be cheaper to ship via freight. Local pick-up is obviously cheapest.


Keywords: M923, M923A1, M923A2, M925, M925A1, M925A2, M928, M928A1, M928A2, M931, M931A1, M931A2, M932, M932A1, M932A2, M934, M934A1, M934A2, M936, M936A1, M936A2, M35A2, M35A3

Boarding Ladder Stairs for M934 and other MVs


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