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I am currently out-of-stock. If you would like me to make more, please fill out the "Notify when Available" form. If I receive enough interest, I will make another batch.


Convert your Cummins' VE-Pump 4BT/6BT fuel filter mount from M16x1.5 to the common heavy-duty 1"-14. This allows use of common filters such as Donaldson P553203 and CAT 1R-0750.


Benefits include:

-Larger inlet diameter than stock, for higher fuel flow (7/16" vs 5/16")

-Longer service intervals (Up to 20k miles!)

-2 or 3 Micron vs. 14 Micron-Double the volume


-Easier to source

-Built-in fuel/water separator with Donaldson models

-Provision for glass bowl (P569758)


You may find some of the shorter 1"-14 filters offered by Donaldson/CAT are easier to fit.


This initial batch is my prototype run. The adapters were longer than necessary, and you may find it beneficial to remove some of the 1"-14 portion to make it easier to install your filter (see comparison picture). Shorter filters should fit without any modification.


Adapter specs are M16x1.5 x 1-14 made from 12L14. This product contains lead and should be treated with caution. FILTER NOT INCLUDED! Does not work with P-Pump or newer Cummins!

Cummins VE 4BT/6BT 1-14 Fuel Filter Adapter


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