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The GM 90° to OM617 adapter will marry any 90°-pattern GM manual or automatic to the Mercedes OM617. The crankshaft adapter replicates a pre-86 GM crankshaft with the 3.58" bolt pattern. If using a newer SBC-style transmission like the 4L60e, you'll simply need to use a flexplate from an older SBC with the larger pattern.


SPIN that engine!! This kit uses the GM 6.2/6.5 diesel 2.5KW starter designed for the 21.5:1 V8. Wondering how to make this starter work with your gasser transmission? See the instructions for the parts compatibility. Be sure to get the matching starter, as they are different for automatic vs. manual.


Automatic Starter:

Manual Starter:


This kit contains a 1/2" steel adapter plate, high-grade steel crankshaft adapter, starter mounting block, starter brace, hardware, and custom ARP crankshaft adapter bolts.


You supply:

-Neural-balanced Flywheel/clutch or torque converter/flexplate (& hardware)

-Pilot/throwout bearing

-Transmission and bellhousing

-GM 6.2 Diesel Starter, knurled bolts (and shims, if needed)


Keywords: TH350, TH400, 700R4, SM465, NV3500, NV4500, 4L60, 4L60e, 4L80, 4L80e

GM 90° to OM617 Adapter Kit (TH350/TH400/700R4/SM465/NV3500/NV4500/4L60/4L80)


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