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Seeing "Holset" turbos elsewhere for far cheaper? Do they look too good to be true? They are likely counterfeits. Ebay is certainly flooded with them. They're picking up on this, and I am now seeing counterfeits being sold for just dollars less than mine!


Aside from a turbo that actually comes from Holset, what do you get with this purchase? You're supporting my testing of turbo's. Without these sales, I would not have been able to test 24 different OM617 setups. OM602, OM606, 4BT, and 6BT tests are soon to come, followed by even more engines.


Wanting to upgrade your turbo and THEN your injection pump? This is the turbo for you! It performs much better than the 2 factory turbos, even with the stock pump. After you add your Dieselmeken pump, it gets even better! The HE221 7cm² offers the best compromise for all-around performance with an OM617 fitted with Dieselmeken 7.5mm injection pump. It offers quick spooling with 2psi boost by ~1200 RPM. Drive pressure's are minimal at the wastegated 26psi boost pressure. EGT's are extremely low compared to the factory turbo's. This turbo has a T25 flange.


What's included?


-Oil feed kit for OM617 (call/email if ordering for a different engine)

-T25 Gasket

-T3 Gasket

-90° Compressor Elbow w/ v-band clamp and Ø2.5" outlet

-Exhaust flange & gasket


When installing, oil feed and drainage are critical to the proper function and longevity of the turbo. Find the turbo mounting requirements in the Tech Info section. The oil inlet is M10x1.25. If you are unsure about your setup, contact me to discuss.


Optional accessories include:

-OM617-specific oil drain (clear or orange) or just the HE221 drain flange with 10" of hose and clamps

-DIY Intake Manifold Modification Kit or have Doomsday modify for you (explained below)

--2.5/3" Downpipe Adapter Flange w/ V-Band Clamp


You supply:

-T3-to-T25 Adapter (please order here or here)


Please note that you may receive a turbo that says either HE221 or HE200. Because of varying availability, I sell multiple different part numbers that are all the same physical 7cm² turbo.


USED Turbo Option:

In an attempt to offer an economical option for those who really want to solve their EGT problems but can't quite afford a brand new turbo, I'm offering "factory take-offs" that do not include warranty of any kind. These are turbo's from completed engine assemblies that did not pass the final QA steps at Cummins. The engines get test-fired to verify everything works. These turbos are "used", but in reality, they've only been run on the test stand. The engines are painted before test-firing. The paint has been removed from these turbo's, but you may still find traces in some areas.




Intake Modification Service:
What you will receive is an intake manifold with the factory inlet and EGR capped off, and a Ø2.5" beaded tube welded to the center of the manifold. You will need to, again, clean the manifold before installation, as I do not have the capability to clean these in bulk at my shop. You must send me a CLEAN core to 3901 address on website. Clean both INSIDE and out. Use a pressure washer, Super Clean or Easy Off, and a toilet brush to THOROUGHLY clean. Any units not clean enough for welding are subject to a $50 fee. I usually have units in stock, already modified to expedite turnaround. If you want your own manifold back, just let me know in Notes at checkout. If your manifold is not received within 30 days of purchase, the service will be forfeited at your expense.


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Holset T3 HE221 7cm²

PrecioDesde $669.00

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