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This is a complete bolt-in motor mount kit to position your 60x engine in your Commanche/Cherokee with the transmission in the stock location when using my transmission adapter. They position the engine tight to the hood with enough clearance for the engine to flex under load. They tilt the engine approx. 5° back. This kit contains the following:


- 1/4" Steel CNC Formed & Welded Engine Block Mounts

- 1/8" & 3/16" Steel CNC Formed & Welded Frame Perches

- Toyota Engine Stabilizers (  (4) M10X1.25X20 FLANGED HCS W/ SER NUTS)

- Hardware for the engine block mounts ( (4)M8X1.25X22 HCS & LW)

- (2) M12X1.25 FLANGED NUTS


You provide:

- Toyota Rubber Isolators from a Toyota Pickup/4Runner 1984-1995. Example:

- Hardware for frame perches (can use factory Jeep hardware for most of it)


These should fit OM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM605 and OM606. They've been verified on OM602 and OM606.

Jeep MJ/XJ OM60x Motor Mounts


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