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The 2024 production run is under way! Get your pre-order in to save up to $150. The pre-order savings will decrease as we get closer to the shipping date.


These now include the rear sump bolt pattern.


This kit has been designed to work with all 601-606 variants. A suspension lift and steering modifications will be required.


This kit includes:

-Jeep AX15/AW4 to OM60x Transmission Adapter

-Motor Mounts

-Fuel Heater Delete

-Transmission Shifter Knob for Manual Kits


You supply the Jeep flywheel and clutch for the AX15, or the Jeep flexplate and torque converter for the AW4. This kit leaves the transmission in the stock location so you don't have to modify drive shafts. This places the oil filter housing so close to the firewall that it is nearly impossible to service, and must be removed for installation/removal of the engine itself. A relocation of the filter is the best option for this swap. You must provide the rubber isolators for the motor mounts, but everything else is included to bolt the engine to your uniframe (click HERE for more details).



The Jeep to OM60x adapter will marry the Jeep AX15/NV3550/NSG370/T18 manuals and AW4/32RH automatics to the Mercedes OM60x series. The engines this will work with includes, but is not limited to: OM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM05, OM606. It may also work with M103/M104, but is has not been tried yet. Essentially, any transmission that came behind the Jeep 4.2/4.0L will work with this adapter. You'll want to use an M103 spin-on oil filter housing.

Jeep MJ/XJ to OM60x Full Conversion Kit

PrecioDesde $1,809.00
ETA is 8-12 weeks from July 5th.

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