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Please read all of the following:


I am finalizing the design of the adapters for the TDI and OM617 to mate to the ZF4HP22, ZF4HP24, and R380. I will be running 3 of each adapter for the initial run. In order to know what the actual demand is, I have created this page, so those of you who are SERIOUS about ordering a kit when they're available, can show me that you're serious. I've gotten tons of requests for these Disco adapters, but many of them are probably fake.


To show me that you actually intend to order a kit once they're available, please select from the following options (so I know which parts to cater to), and place your order now, for a decal. This is an order for a Doomsday Diesel Decal, which will be shipped to you, immediately. This is not an order for a transmission adapter.



-Will you be ordering for an OM617 or TDI?

-Will you use the automatic ZF4 or the manual R380?

-Are you in a big enough hurry that you'll need to have one of the prototypes? Or, can you wait for the bulk batch which should be ready roughly May?




I've set a target price for the first batch of adapters at $1499. I won't speculate as to what the 2nd batch will be, as there are way too many variables.


If enough of you order decals today, I will finalize the designs, and open the transmission adapters up for pre-ordering. This would be first come, first serve. Only 3 OM617 and 3 TDI adapters would initially be available.


These will be made in March 2024 with the rest of my "pre-order" OM60x adapters.

Land Rover R380/ZF4HP24 to OM617 Adapter Kit


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