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Update 2/22/24: For all of the bolt-in OM60x conversion kits I currently make, the M103 oil filter housing works great. If I come across another popular OM60x swap that the M103 housing won't work for, I'll take another look at producing these again.







The OM60x oil filter relocator was design using an NA-OM606, but will work with turbo models, as well. It should also work for any OM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, and some M-series engines.


This plate replaces the canister filter housing. The aluminum plate has IN and OUT 1/2" NPT ports for the main feed, a 1/4" NPT return for the canister drain (not used for anything else), a 1/4" NPT turbo feed, and an 1/8" NPT oil pressure sending unit port. The factory dowels sleeves are utilized. Hardware included. Gasket not included. This plate allows you to run your own spin-on filter head and thermostat.

OM60x Oil Filter Relocator

$68.50 Precio
$60.28Precio de oferta

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