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The OM617/OM60x EGR Delete eliminates the EGR valve as well as caps off the EGR ports on the exhaust and intakes manifolds. The intake manifold cap bolts on with supplied hardware, and the exhaust manifold cap welds on.


As a temporary fix, if you don't have time to weld the exhuast manifold cap, you may find that you can clamp the fitting into the end of the flexible stainless tube (see picture).


This fits the OM617, OM603, OM602, and NA OM606 to list a few.


You can opt for just the solid gasket if you'd like to disable your EGR without permanently removing it. My gaskets are custom made for this application.


The quality of my custom-made gaskets has gone down-hill tremendously. I'm going to set aside the good gaskets for those who opt for "GASKET ONLY". For those ordering the "Kit", the gasket is no longer considered part of the kit. I will include, FOR FREE, one of my remaining lesser-quality custom gaskets, and it is up to you if you want to use it or not. There's no point in me throwing them all in the trash if they'll work for some people. Once I run out, I will update this page. If needed, you can get a new metal gasket from PelicanParts for approx. $1. 

OM617/OM60x EGR Delete

PrecioDesde $8.00

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