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Garage Sale Clearance Special - Save $20 off MSRP on OEM Housing Relocation Kits


These are currently being sold without gaskets.


These are now anodized. You can select your preference between orange and clear. If a color is out-of-stock, the other color will be shipped.

If you'd like to relocate the OM617 OEM Canister Filter Housing, please select the "OEM Canister" option.

This kit comes with (1) oil filter relocation plate to mate to the engine block, in place of the factory housing. It also comes with a plate that the cansister housing will bolt to. Both plates have 1/2" NPT threads for the main oil lines, 1/4" NPT for the "finely filtered" oil return, and the factory M14x1.5 thread for the turbo oil feed. The canister block is tapped for M8x1.25. This will allow you to re-use your factory canister mounting hardware. There are 3 additonal holes on the canister block for you to mount the block to your vehicle. New hardware is supplied for the engine block, as well as 2 new gaskets and an M14x1.5 bolt w/ crush washer. You supply hoses & fittings. This kit allows the factory turbo oil-feed line to be retained. The Derale Thermostat bracket is not needed with this option. Please see below for more benefits of reloacting your oil filter housing.


If you'd like to delete the OM617 OEM Canister Filter Housing and replace with a spin-on filter and standalone thermostat, please select the "Aftermarket Spin-On" option.


The OM617 Aftermarket Oil Filter Relocation Kit allows you to eliminate the factory canister filter housing and replace it with a spin-on style filter head. This gives you the freedom to mount the filter wherever you'd like. On the Toyota swap, it eliminates the interference with the parking brake bracket. On the OM617, it allows you to remove the injection pump cover to make adjustments without having to remove the filter housing like you do with the factory canister housing. The adapter is clearanced to allow easy installation and removal of IP cover, unlike other kits on the market. Accepts 1/2" NPTF fittings. DO NOT INSTALL ALUMINUM FITTINGS DRY! Fittings should be anodized. If not, apply a lubricant before installing to prevent galling. This kit includes the relocation plate, hardware, and the orange plates come with stainless 1/4" NPT Plug.


An optional add-on is the Derale 25719 Oil Thermostat Mounting Bracket. Receive a discount by ordering together. The Derale 25719 Thermostat is the most common stand-alone thermostat used when converting the OM617 to a spin-on oil filter. Derale's optional bracket is flimsy and cracks shortly after installation. My bracket is formed from 14ga steel, and a gusset is welded in for fatigue life. THERMOSTAT NOT INCLUDED! You provide the thermostat yourself!

OM617 Oil Filter Relocator

PrecioDesde $68.50

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