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This is the long-awaited rear sump conversion for the Mercedes OM617 turbo-diesel. This kit transforms the upper-oil pan flange into the Toyota 22R flange pattern. This allows you to run the 22R oil pan, either 4x4 or RWD model. I only offer an oil pickup tube for the 4x4 model.


This setup holds just over 7.5 qts, versus the OEM sump pan only holding 6.


Included in this kit is:

-Steel pan-flange adapter

-Billet aluminum oil pickup housing

-Custom welded oil pickup tube and gasket

-All necessary hardware


You provide:

-OM617 Oil Pan Gasket

-22R Oil Pan Gasket (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3)

-22R Oil Pan (1984-1995 Toyota Pickup/4Runner 4cyl 4x4)


Where is this pan useful? It was designed solely for Jeep MJ's and XJ's, but it can be useful in Toyota's with RUF, and I'm sure it will find its way into many different vehicles.



Here are the known vehicles and their oil pan requirements:

79-85 Factory Solid Axle w/ stock steering & suspension - Stock OM617 Pan

79-95 with crossover steering and aftermarket lift springs - Ultimate Clearance Front Sump

79-95 with RUF or links - Rear Sump (As a general rule, if the axle or steering box are moved way forward, a rear sump will be needed)

86-95 with IFS - Ultimate Clearance Front Sump

Jeep MJ/XJ/YJ - Rear Sump

Jeep TJ - Either Stock OM617 Pan or Rear Sump depending on engine placement

OM617 Rear Sump Oil Pan Conversion

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$599.00Precio de oferta

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