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The OM617 to AW4/32RH Adapter Kit will mate your OM617 donor motor to an automatic AW4 or 32RH found behind the Jeep 4.0L engines. It may also work with the 42RLE found in 2003-2006 4.0L Jeeps, but these have yet to be tested. This kit is NOT designed for the automatics found behind 2.5L engines. The kit includes:


-Aluminum Adapter Plate

-Starter galvanneal spacer

-Crankshaft adapter

-New flexplate washer

-All necessary hardware


You must have your flexplate machined to the new 6-hole crankshaft pattern. A PDF will be emailed to you after purchase. This is typically a $50-$75 service. Doomsday Diesel does not offer this service.




It is highly recommended that you mark the posiiton of your OM617 flexplate in relation to your crankshaft before removing. You may then have your flexplate match-balanced to the OM617 flexplate.

Custom ARP bolts are uitilized for the crankshaft spacer and flexplate.


AW4 Dowel Sleeves available here:

OM617 to AW4/32RH Adapter Kit


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