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The OM617 to R150 Adapter Kit will mate your OM617 donor motor to your stock Toyota 5-Speed manual R150 transmission. All hardware is included, as well as the adapter plate, starter spacer, new ARP flywheel bolts, and pilot bearing adapter (uses Toyota pilot bearing). The kit uses the 5VZ 10" flywheel, which is machined and ready to be bolted on. It is highly recommended that you mark the position of your OM617 flexplate in relation to your crankshaft before removing. The new flywheel comes neutral balanced, and you may not have any issues running it as-is, but your safest bet is to have it "match balanced" to the OM617 flexplate. The 9-1/4" flywheel uses your stock 1988-1995 clutch. The 10" flywheel uses a clutch from a 1996-2004 Toyota Pickup/4Runner V6 4x4. The throwout bearing must match whichever bellhousing you're using; if you're using a 1990 bellhousing, you'll need a throwout bearing for a 1988-1995 V6 Toyota Pickup/4Runner 4x4. You can use a starter from a 3VZE or a 5VZE. The 3.4L starter has a higher 1.8KW output option referred to as a "Cold Weather Package" option. Make sure to get the starter for a MANUAL though. as they bolt on differently.



OM617 model number is located under glow plug #5. It is typically either 617.950, .951, or .952. I only need the 6th digit.


10" clutch:



Toyota 2TR-FE used the R155. You can adapt the R155 by using an R150 bellhousing.

Toyota 1GR-FE RA60. This transmission will NOT work.

OM617 to 3VZE R150 Adapter Kit

PrecioDesde $639.00

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