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For those of us who don't want to drill holes in concrete to permanently mount their pneumatic paint shaker, I've come up with the perfect solution! This portable mount bolts to your receiver hitch on your vehicle!


Pneumatic paint shakers are violent enough that they can move work benches across your entire shop! Mine could effortlessly move my 400 lb welding table! They must be solidly secured to the ground. The only solution till now was to acnhor a stand to your concrete floor with studs.


A vehicle has tires plus suspension bushings between the receiver hitch and the ground. And, they weigh several thousand pounds. They're not going anywhere!


I first tried a standard hitch with the 5/8" pin. Unfortunately, the slop in the pin/hole was enough to allow all the vibration to concentrate there. I then tried a 5/8" bolt. The bolt simply threads into the tube, tightly clamping the shaker tube to the receiver hitch. The results were exactly what I wanted! The vibration goes into the tires and dissipates there.




This kit is designed to work with the Astro Pneumatic Paint Shaker. Some other brands also share the same bolt pattern. Here is a link the shaker itself:


This kit includes the paint shaker mount and all hardware. The mount is constructed out of 1/4" wall tubing and 1/4" plate, MIG welded together for long life. The tube is machined and the plate is laser-cut to ensure a precision fit. Only one 5/8" bolt is required for use, but the tube is threaded on both sides in case you ever damage a thread. Paint shaker mounting hardware is also included.

Portable Paint Shaker Mount


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