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Complete kit includes everything you need!


After nearly a year in the R&D phase, I am SUPER EXCITED to announce my Rear Disc Conversion kit for 79-95 Toyotas!!


Backstory - I bought an '84 with homemade rear discs. They were rusted beyond saving and needed several improvements, so, I decided to try replicating them. I quickly realized no matter what I did, they wouldn't work with my 15" steel 4.5" backspaced wheels. After realizing several shortcomings with this setup, and being blown away by the overpriced kits on the market, I decided to start from scratch. I couldn't be happier with the end results.


-This kit will fit both the earlier axles with smaller hub diameter as well as the larger Ø thru 1995. The smaller Ø hubs simply require a hub ring from somewhere like Summit Racing.


-The included rotors get the Toyota 6 lug pattern and hub diameter machined into them so they'll fit right over your lug studs, getting sandwhiched between your rim and axle hub.


-The calipers I chose fit the thickness and diameter of the rotor, and are of the lowest profile, which allow fitmet with a 15" 4.5" BS wheel to clear. No other rear disc kit on the market accomdates this setup. I had to seive thru dozens of rotors and calipers to find this combo, but it was worth it! This means no wheel spacers. And you can tuck your 33x10.50's inside your fenders! The rotors are considered "big" in terms of diameter, which means more stopping power. They're also vented, whereas lots of kits use solid rotors.


-Nothing special gets pressed on. The brackets simply bolt on over the supplied bearing-cap studs. And the rotors slide over the lug studs like any modern vehicle. SO MANY kits on the market require you to mount the rotor behind the hub on disc conversions. This is craziness and makes servicing an absolute chore! No special lug studs required, as the rotor is the same thickness as the drum backing plate it replaces. This makes servicing your brakes multitudes easier than any other kit on the market.


-No welding required. The new brackets have tabs for your hose and hardline to connect thru. New brake hose clips are included.


-No janky bolts or nuts. This kit utilizes bearing-cap studs straight from the Toyota dealership. I've found the appropirate lengths to accomodate the bracket. The correct nuts are also supplied.


-AFFORDABLE! I can't stress enough how crazy I think the prices are for other kits. That's the reason I never did rear discs on my '86 - I just couldn't afford/justify it. Now, I've hopefully made them affordable.






Caliper - Single piston. Ø1.79"


Rotor - 12-1/4" Vented




What's Included:


-(2) Custom caliper brackets to place the caliper perfectly on the rotor, clearing 15" wheels. Made from Grade 50 steel. Zinc plated. Includes brake hose tabs.


-(2) New rotors with the Toyota pattern machined into them, ready to bolt on. E-coated.


-(2) New loaded calipers. Zinc plated. Includes ceramic pads, banjo bolts, and clips.


-Stainless braided hose kit


-(6) "long" bearing-cap studs. (2) "short" studs. (8) flanged nuts.


-(4) Caliper mounting bolts.


-(2) Brake hose clips. Zinc plated.


Things to note:


-You might decide to add a brake proportioning valve. I've run both with the factory LSPV as well as an aftermarket unit from Wilwood. I've had success with both.


-You'll have to come up with a different parking brake solution. T-case pinion brakes are popular but require you have a rear locker. Line locks are my prefered option and can be connected to the front or rear circuit. These are stronger than a cable brake will ever be, and I've had one hold pressure on a parked truck for over a year! This is an affordable option.


-You'll need a fixture to disassemble and reassemble the axle assembly. You can create your own, like I did, or buy a premade tool, such as this one. I will offer base for FREE while supplies last, if you leave a note during checkout. Simply weld your tube to the baseplate and add something at the top to rest on your press. This is how I made my own fixture. Very simple & cheap.


I am currently in the process of creating the installation instructions. A hydrauluic press is required. Install time is 4-6 hours.

Rear Disc Brake Conversion 1979-1995 Toyota Pickup/4Runner


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