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When converting to dual transfer cases, the Regular Cab Pickups and 4Runners from 1984-1995 will require a notch in the frame crossmember directly behind the rear output flange. Xtra Cabs may or may not require the notch. 4cyl and V6 are the same. The dual cases position your driveshaft where the xmem is. This notch kit gives enough room for a double-cardan joint to rest where the factory crossmember hung.


This kit includes 2 pieces:

-A truss for the top of the crossmember made of 3/16" P&O steel

-A 3/16" P&O steel CNC-formed cap for the bottom of the crossmember


A 1" minimum body lift is required to clear the new truss. Since triple sticks require the body lift, it only made sense to utilize that extra 1" of space.



Installation Instructions:

-Remove fuel tank

-Removal of trans/tcase is recommended but not required

-Remove paint from crossmember

-Weld truss to top of xmem, taking care not to weld shut the drain slots

-Use supplied PDF to trace out your cut lines

-Cut out the factory xmem. A plasma is by far the easiest, but a cutoff wheel or sawzall also work.

-Line up the cap's bolt holes with the factory holes in the xmem. Weld the cap in place all the way around.



Fits 1984-1995 4x4 Toyota Pickup/4Runner, any configuration.

Toyota Pickup/4Runner Frame Crossmember Dual Case Notch Kit


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