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Promotion! Tag me in any Toyota-related facebook group, promoting my body lift kits, PM me a screenshot, and I will give you a $5 coupon code for a body lift kit.


This 1" body lift kit includes high quality, UV-resistant, black, UHMW spacers, as well as new hardware. Choose between:

-14 spacers for a cab and bed

-6 for just the cab on Pickup models

-10 for 4Runners


Pickups use 3/8-24x4" bolts for the cab and 1/2-20x2-1/2" bolts for the bed. 4Runners use 3/8-24x4" bolts throughout. You may need longer hardware in certain applications, depending on your bushing size.

Toyota Pickup/4Runner Body Lift

PrecioDesde $45.00

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