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The 2024 production run is under way! Get your pre-order in to save up to $150. The pre-order savings will decrease as we get closer to the shipping date.


The Toyota R150/A340 to OM60x adapter will marry the Toyota R150 (3VZ & 5VZ) manual and A340 (3VZ & 5VZ) automatic to the Mercedes OM60x series. The engines this will work with includes, but is not limited to: OM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM05, OM606, OM612, OM647. It may also work with M103/M104, but is has not been tried yet. Other R-series and A-series transmissions can also work if you use an R150 or A340 bellhousing. Please see notes at bottom.


This kit contains an anodized aluminum adapter plate, dust shield, high-grade 2-piece zinc-plated steel crankshaft adapter, hardware, and custom ARP crankshaft adapter bolts.


You supply:

-Flywheel/clutch or torque converter/flexplate

-Pilot/throwout bearing

-Transmission and bellhousing

-Mercedes Starter



Toyota 2TR-FE used the R155. You can adapt the R155 by using an R150 bellhousing.

Toyota 1GR-FE RA60. This transmission will NOT work.


Motor Mounts. Make this a bolt-in swap for your 1984-1995 Toyota Pickup/4Runner!


-1984-1995 22R Pickup/4Runner Mounts

These are made with all motors in mind and come as a weld-it-yourself kit so you can position the motor exactly where you want it. That way, you can mount a 602/605 with some firewall clearance, or mount a 603/606 tight up against the firewall to make more room up front for the radiator. 6cyl motors will require major core-support modification.


-1988-1995 3VZ Picup/4Runner Mounts

These are still in development.




Pictures shown are generic and do necessarily represent this specific product.


Keywords: R150F, R151F, A340F, Toyota Pickup, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Land Cruiser, FJ40, FJ60, FJ62, FJ80, FZJ80, Toyota Supra


This product is protected by US Patent Number D979606S

Toyota R150/A340 to OM60x Adapter Kit

PrecioDesde $1,319.00
ETA is 8-12 weeks from July 5th.

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