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This is a transmission adapter which will adapt the Toyota R150 from 3VZ and 5VZ applications to the Kubota 03-Series diesels. The main target of this adapter is the Kubota V2203. Other R-series transmissions will work with use of the correct R150 bellhousing (such as the R155 from 05+ Tacomas).


This kit includes:

-1" Aluminum Adapter Plate, anodized

-Galvanneal Dust Shield (aka "Transmission Spacer")

-Crankshaft Adapter, zinc plated high-strength steel

-Custom 10" 5VZ-style flywheel
-Hardware, including ARP flywheel bolts


This kiti uses:

-Toyota starter. I recommend the higher 1.8KW 5VZ starter.

-5VZ 10" clutch. I recommend factory Aisin




-Motor Mounts for the 1988-1995 3VZ Toyota Pickup/4Runner

These keep the transmission in the stock location and use your factory rubber isolators. IFS trucks require a custom oil pan. I will have these oil pans for sale, soon!


-Motor Mounts for the 1984-1995 22R Toyota Pickup/4Runner

Lots of effort went into making these work with every imaginable combination.

     -These use the W56 crossmember

     -Works with R150 + stock VF1A tcase

     -Works with R150 + RF1A gear driven tcase (both single or duals)

     -Gives you the option to move the transmission & engine forward 1" (trans

      xmember modification required)


The R150 + RF1A is 1/4" shorter than the stock R150/VF1A setup. Driveshaft mods aren't required for just 1/4" difference.


Why move the motor forward 1"? It lines the tcase shifter up better with the factory trans tunnel hole. Triple sticks will line up without moving it forward, but the stock RF1A and VF1A  shifters will require cutting of the trans tunnel if you don't move the engine/trans forward. If you're making new driveshafts anyway, it makes sense to move things forward 1".

Toyota-R150-to-Kubota-03-Series Adapter Kit

PrecioDesde $1,399.00

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