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This is a "universal" style crossmember for your gear driven RF1A transfer case (the G52/G54/W56 transfer case that came behind 22R's). It bolts to the back cover of the RF1A, giving you the flexibility to mount it virtually anywhere to accomodate for your custom engine swaps and/or dual cases. Since TDI and OM617 swappers commonly move their transmission/tcase mounts, this is an awesome solution to give you the placement you want plus gobs of extra ground & driveshaft clearance.


The vertical & horizontal plates are precision laser-cut from 3/8" steel. An RF1A was measured with a CMM to ensure perfect bolt-hole placement. Other kits on the market have sloppy hole placement, which leads to crossmember failures. Offering a kit with proper hole placement was the #1 reason I decided to produce this kit.


The vertical & horizontal plates ship unwelded, giving you the choice & flexibility to postiion them on the front or back! It also greatly reduces shipping costs - a win-win! New, longer hardware is included for the transfer case.


Perches are included, which you weld to your frame. These are formed from 3/16" steel and are pickled & oiled for maximum weldability. They are formed at the ideal angle to prevent stress cracking, which is common in straight vertical welds on frames.


Bushings are included with all appropirate hardware to mount them.


This kit is inteded for 1979-1995 Toyota Pickups & 4Runners.


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Toyota RF1A Rear Crossmember


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