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Ultimate-Clearance Front-Sump OM617 Oil Pan is back for Toyota's.

Here are the known vehicles and their pan requirements:

79-85 Factory Solid Axle w/ stock steering & suspension - Stock OM617 Pan

79-95 with crossover steering and aftermarket lift springs - Ultimate Clearance Front Sump

79-95 with RUF or links - Rear Sump (As a general rule, if the axle or steering box are moved way forward, a rear sump will be needed)

86-95 with IFS - Ultimate Clearance Front Sump

Jeep MJ/XJ/YJ - Rear Sump

Jeep TJ - Either Stock OM617 Pan or Rear Sump depending on engine placement


The Ultimate-Clearance Front-Sump OM617 Oil Pan was designed to go with the Doomsday Motor Mounts and Transmission Crossmember Bracket. Removal/relocation of the IFS steering stabilizer and removal of the stabilizer mount is required with use of this pan. This pan will clear high-steer drag links if the axle is not moved forward by an extreme amount. It is best to do the engine swap, THEN the SAS or high-steer conversion.


The pan is constructed with a 14ga stainless steel body and a 1/4" pickled and oiled mild steel flange. This oil pan has approx. 6.5qt capacity, versus the stock pan's 6qt capacity.


This kit comes with an oil pan, billet aluminum oil pickup housing, pickup tube w/ gasket, new drain bolt/washer, and stainless hardware. Pan gasket not included. Pans are built-to-order. Pans are given a 24-hr leak test before shipping.

Ultimate-Clearance Front-Sump OM617 Oil Pan


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