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BHW Adapters are currently on back-order. ETA is early July.


The VW 1.9 TDI to W56 Adapter Kit will mate your VW 1.9 TDI donor motor to your stock Toyota 5-Speed manual G-52/54 or W56 transmission*. All hardware is included, as well as the adapter plate, dust shield, custom pilot bearing (commercially available), starter spacer, and custom ARP flywheel bolts. My custom ARP flywheel bolts allow you to bolt the flywheel directly to the crankshaft, A brand new 9-1/4" flywheel is included that is machined to the TDI crank pattern and is ready to be bolted on. This new flywheel comes neutral balanced. It uses a clutch from a 1994 4x4 22RE Toyota Pickup. CKT049 by Aisin is what I recommend. The Toyota starter is used with this kit. I recommend the higher output 1.4KW model. I also recommend a 1" body lift, as it makes working on everything so much easier, and helps clear a 1" taller tire, but without having to modify anything like you would with 2" and taller body lifts. Click HERE to order the body lift.


The oil pan holes for the ALH Hybrid pan and CJAA pan are included on this plate if you wish to source some hardware and utilize those holes (typically M10x1.5). There are so many different pans with different patterns that these holes are not guaranteed to align. Keep in mind that if you have a 1-piece pan and you install hardware, you won't be able to remove your oil pan without removing the transmission. This is a benefit of the ALH hybrid 2-pc pan.


This kit works with all VW diesels (1.6, 1.9, 2.0, 3.0, etc.). It also works with certain gassers, like the 1.8L. For the BHW, a special pilot bushing is supplied.


9-1/4" Clutch:



Toyota 2/3RZ-FE used the W59. You can adapt the W59 by using a W56 bellhousing, which moves the starter to the RH side.


Motor Mount Info

VW 1.9 TDI to W56 Adapter Kit

PrecioDesde $659.00

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