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Vacuum Pump available here:


Link to Vacuum Delete


If you're deleting the original OM617 vacuum pump, whether it's for space savings or peace-of-mind that it won't fail and kill your engine, you'll need to run either an electric pump or a belt-driven pump in its place (or both).


This kit includes a mounting bracket for a Ford (90's 7.3 Powerstroke) vacuum pump, hardware, and custom steel 6-rib serpentine pulley. Other pumps and pulley may also work. See below.



I've searched extensively for the best fit and best prices. Ford, GM, and Dodge all used a belt-driven pump at one time or another on their diesels. The Dodge's are priced out of reach and I haven't tried any of their parts. I'll give you a thorough breakdown on GM and Ford.



-Typically priced higher than Ford parts

-Uses a larger smooth pulley than Ford. More expensive. Belt slips if it gets wet, so I decided to offer a custom 6-rib pulley, instead. This ended up being cheaper than just buying the GM smooth pulley, anway, plus you have the assurance your brakes won't go out if the pulley gets wet.

-Pump appears to be nearly identical to the Ford. Use at your own risk. 90's 6.5 Diesels used them.



-Typically the cheaper option. Pumps are around $70

-Used by the 6.9L, NA 7.3L, 7.3 PS, and 6.0L

-Newer 6.0L vans use a pump with a significantly longer snout that wouldn't fit. Also very expensive.

-Newer 6.0L Vans used a ribbed serp. pulley, but the snout stuck out too far to be useful.

-Physically impossible to get belt contact on the smaller smooth Ford pulley with this pump location

-80's Fords had a v-belt pulley option if this is of any interest to you. I did not experiment with them.


I've successfully tested this setup on Project 4Reigner, so far accruing over 9,000 miles. It provides plenty of vacuum to operate the larger Tundra brake upgrade, as well as the minimal task of the shutdown solenoid.


With the old (original) serpentine conversion setup, you'll have to route your belt up from the vacuum pump to the idler on the tensioner bracket, and back down to the crank.

OM617 Belt Driven Vacuum Pump Kit


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