Update 2/28/21: I've looked into the possibilty of machining billet caps, and it would've more than doubled the price. I've updated the cost of this TIG-welded cap to reflect current material prices, as well as the extensive welding time that I had not orignally accounted for.


The OM617 Vacuum Pump Delete gets rid of that bulky vacuum pump cover and gives you the room you want to run aftermarket accessories without having to route belts around the pump. Cover is constructed of TIG welded mild steel with a 1/4" mounting flange and 14ga cap. Covers are leak tested prior to shipping. Kit comes with new hardware. New gasket is optional.


This electric vacuum pump has been proven to work great in Toyota's and Jeep's: https://amzn.to/3msg4u9

OM617 Vacuum Pump Delete