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This is a transmission shift knob with a rubberized outer coating. The thread pitch is M10x1.5. These will fit the Jeep and Dodge Ram transmissions without an adapter. I also offer a thread adapter to allow use on the M12x1.25 Toyota transmissions and transfer cases.


The base kit includes a new shift knob, an M10 jam nut, and your choice of cap.

You can opt for the Toyota thread adapter.


Cap options include:

-Flat black anodized aluminum cap with Yellow Doomsday Logo dome decal

-Flat black anodized aluminum cap with Black Text Doomsday Logo dome decal (coming soon)

-Black anodized aluminum domed cap with laser engraved Round Doomsday Logo

-Black anodized aluminum domed cap with laser engraved Text Doomsday Logo

-Stainless steel domed caps are still in thte works (coming soon)



After installing your knob to the desired height, you install the jam nut to secure the knob. This prevents the knob from ever spinning, no matter how hard you twist on it. You'll then install the cap. Wipe the cap the cap with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil/dirt. Lastly, apply the decal. Hold pressure on it for 30 seconds to activate the pressure-sensitive-adhesive. 


If installing the thread adapter, first clean the trans stick threads. Apply RED loctite to the threads and fully screw adapter on. Apply anti-seize to the knob threads and install the shifter knob to the desired height. The red loctite prevents the thread adapter from becoming permanetly stuck in the shifter knob.


Get your transfer case shifter knob here.

Transmission Shifter Knob

PrecioDesde $52.00

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