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About Us


My name is Joe Peterson, and I own/operate Doomsday Diesel LLC full time, by myself. Doomsday Diesel (DD) officially began on January 29, 2016, as a part-time business. After graduating with an engineering degree from Kansas State, I worked for 5 years professionally as an engineer while running DD after hours. During those 5 years, I worked for the livestock handling equipment, trailer manufacturing, and hydraulic cylinder industries. I spent nearly 4 years at a hydraulic cylinder manufacturing plant in Columbus, NE, but after extremely poor business management took its toll, a layoff occurred the week before Thanksgiving 2018. Luckily for DD, that became my opportunity to run DD full time! I am now fully committed to revolutionizing the automotive aftermarket industry. When you buy from Doomsday Diesel, you are supporting a U.S. small business and entrepreneur.


Doomsday Diesel is committed to giving its customers reliable service, while providing the highest quality products, at a very reasonable price. Doomsday Diesel uses state-of-the-art equipment to cut, form, and machine parts. CNC mills, lathes, lasers, and press brakes are used in the production of parts. This ensures repeatable, high tolerance parts.


All parts are made 100% in the USA with pride!

Our Services


​- Turn-key Diesel Conversions

- Toyota Parts


-Jeep Parts


-OM617 Parts


-VW 1.9 Parts

- Custom Welding


-Tube Bending


-Plasma Cutting

- Livestock Equipment

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