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Motorcycle Wreck 10 Year Anniversary - Part 2

I wanted to add a bit more to my last blog. It was getting so long I didn't want to dilute it... It was a progressive phase that began in college and has continued even thru today. I had over 1,000 friends in college, as I partied at 3 different colleges. I knew a lot of people. However, after my accident made me realize how many of them were fake/disposable, I began to replace friends/social time with wrenching time. It has continued to the point where I'm at today, working as many as 100 hours in a week, not leaving much time for friends. I feel that giving myself to the world thru my work is far more beneficial to society, and will help me to "leave the Earth a better place than when I arrived", whereas, hanging out with friends all the time isn't going to benefit anyone other than maybe them.

I also wanted to touch on my life goals. In 2011 when I started my first OM617 swap, my goal was to just have my own personal shop by the time I was 30, for doing my own swaps. I didn't know exactly what I wanted, but I thought that maybe one day I'd like to run a shop like Chip Foose's.

Now that it's 2023 and I'm 32 years old, I can say I definitely hit my goal and then some. Running Doomsday Diesel has been more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. Now if you want to know my goal for myself in another 10 years, I would say it's this - At some point in my life, and I don't know if it'll be in 10 years or not, I'd like to manufacture replica components for 1984-1988 Toyota Pickups. Essentially a Toyota Pickup version of LMC Truck. I'd like to make aluminum beds, replacement cabs, doors, etc., and frames. In a perfect world, I'd be turning out running, driving, diesel Toyota Pickups. Aside from the Toyotas, I'd also like to make a production line for 81-91 Squarebody K30's. This one seems a bit easier, as LMC and many other businesses already offer most all of the parts necessary to recreate one. The cabs, frames, and powertrains would be the main things left to figure out. We'll see how things go. I could also see myself taking on a professional music career as well as getting into politics to try and reshape our corrupt world. There is just not enough time in one lifetime to accomplish all I'd like to accomplish and leave the world with.

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