For a limited time only, save nearly 25% by purchasing a combo kit containing the OM617 Oil Pan, Motor Mounts, and Power Steernig bracket. Select the option for which oil pan you need. IFS Pan fits 88-95 Pickups/4Runners. High Steer Pan is used for solid axle swapped trucks with high steer. This kit is used if you do not intend to run A/C with your swap.


These motor mounts will place the Mercedes OM617 into a Toyota Pickup/4Runner that originally had the 3VZ-E V6 engine. These motor mounts were designed to allow you to leave the engine/tranny shoved forward, or move them back into the firewall to allow use of the factory Toyota A/C system. They were also designed to position the engine just above the front differential but low enough to clear the hood. New Toyota rubber isolators are mandatory when installing these mounts. The Motor Mounts bolt to the Mercedes block and to the Toyota rubber isolators. If running dual transfer cases or a 4.7:1 low range, it is highly recommended that you chain your mounts to the frame to prevent over-flexing. Damage caused by failed rubber isolators is not warranted.


The IFS pan option is osld out, but the High Steer pan will work fine with your IFS.

Package: 3VZE to OM617 Motor Mounts, Oil Pan, P/S Bracket (no A/C)

$422.50 Regular Price
$322.50Sale Price