Replace the tiny, out-dated OEM filter with a Donaldson P553203. Benefits include:

-Longer service intervals (Up to 20k miles!)-3 Micron vs. 10 Micron
-Double the volume
-Built-in fuel/water separator that the Mercedes didnt' have

-Provision for glass bowl (P569758)


Also allows you to run the CAT 1R-0750 2-micron filter. Other filters that may work, include:



Baldwin Filters

1-14 Thread Filters with 3.66" OD or less

Fit-up and ordering options:

No other modifications are required to run the lager fuel filter with a Toyota power steering pump. Please note that the R150 brazed reservoir line will need to be massaged to fit.

For Mercedes OEM power steering brackets used outside of the Mercedes 300, it is necessary to space the filter head away from the power steering bracket. The "Flat Spacer" can be used for this option.


For OEM Mercedes 300 applications, please select the "Mercedes 300 Spacer" option.


Adapter specs are M14x1.5 x 1-14 made from 12L14. This product contains lead and should be treated with caution. FILTER NOT INCLUDED!

Donaldson P553203 Fuel Filter Adapter Kit (CAT 1R-0750)

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$24.00Sale Price