Receive a "kit" discount by ordering everything together. This "Full Conversion Kit" will make installing an OM617 in your Toyota Pickup/4Runner nearly a bolt-in affair. The only parts that require welding are the transmission crossmember bracket and EGR Delete You'll likely also have to modify your driveshafts. A body lift is no longer required for this swap. A 1" body lift is required if you run the 1" raised transmission bracket. The body lift will also help you more easily fit a top-mount intercooler as well as the larger AD244 alternator. Instructions and descriptions for each part can be found on the Instructions page, as well as on each part's individual webpage.



OM617 model number is located under glow plug #5. It is typically either 617.950, .951, or .952.


Full Conversion Kit includes:

-W56-to-OM617 Adapter Kit w/ new 9-1/4" Flywheel and new ARP flywheel bolts

-W56-to-OM617 Motor Mounts

-22R to OM617 Power Steering/Alternator Bracket w/ Alternator Mount

-Aftermarket OM617 Belt Tensioner Bracket

-Ultimate Clearance OM617 Oil Pan w/ Toyota (rear) clearance

-OM617 EGR Delete

-OM617 Oil Filter Relocation Plate with Derale Thermostat Mounting Bracket

-OM617-to-Toyota Wiring Harness

-OM617 ALDA Delete

-OM617 Aftermarket Thermostat Housing

-OM617 to Toyota Throttle Cable Adapter

-OM617 Donaldson Fuel Filter Adapter


Optional parts include:
- Toyota A/C Compressor Bracket

-1" Body Lift

- New 6061 Modifcation Pieces for Oil Pickup if you'd like to modify your own pickup

-Flat or 1" Raised "W56-to-OM617 Transmission Crossmember Bracket"

Your order will typically ship in 3 packages. The first 2 typically ship out in 1-2 business days. The 3rd box will typically contain your oil pan, oil filter relocation plate, wiring harness, and modified oil pick-up (if you opted for one). If you opt to have Doomsday Diesel modify your oil pick-up, you must send your core in to be modified, immediately after purchase. Your 3rd package cannot be shipped until your pick-up has been modified. Please follow the video instructions linked on this pagefor removing/cleaning the pick-up. The pick-up must be thoroughly cleaned and the strainer must be removed. Strainers will be discarded if they are received. You may incur up to a $50 surcharge at the discretion of Doomsday Diesel if the pick-up is not clean upon arrival. Please carefully pack, insure, and ship to:


Doomsday Diesel
3901 D RD

Bellwood, NE 68624



9-1/4" Clutch:

1984-1995 Toyota 22R-to-OM617 Full Conversion Kit

$2,046.50 Regular Price
$1,964.64Sale Price
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Body Lift
Oil Pickup Modification
Trans X-Mem Bracket