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Updated 1/23/24. All adapter options are in stock and ready to ship.


The adapter makes your 4BT look like the back of a Modular V8 (i.e., Coyote 5.0, 4.6L, etc). The crank adapter uses the Coyote 8-bolt crank pattern and accepts your OEM flexplate/flywheel harware. ARP sells the flexplate hardware kit if you don't have it. The 4.6L uses a 6-bolt pattern, so be sure you source the correct 8-bolt flexplate. The engine is clocked 4° to the RH side. All factory Ford parts are used inclding starter.


Thickness options:

2" thick adapter plate - I made this for my CUCV project, which has an NP205 doubler, to keep my overall length down, to improve driveshaft angles.


3" thick adapter plate - I made this for my Suburban project, which runs a single transfer case. The extra thickness helps space the rear valve cover and fuel filter away from the firewall.


The 6R80 is what most people want, but there’s a long list of other transmissions, both automatic and manual. There's currently one 6R80 controller available, but another is on its way.


The engines this will work with include 4BT/6BT, and possibly others if they share the same block/crank pattern.


Be aware that Ecoboosts also used a 6R80/10R80 but are incompatible since they don't have the Modular V8 bolt pattern.


Kit includes:

-Anodized Aluminum Adapter Plate

-Zinc plated 1045 crankshaft adapter

-ARP Crankshaft adapter hardware to mount to crankshaft

-Adapter plate hardware for engine and transmission

Cummins 4BT to Ford Modular V8 (6R80) Adapter Kit

PriceFrom $1,399.00

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