When Doomsday hits, you don't want to have to worry about your battery flailing around. This bracket will give you the piece of mind you need that your battery won't budge. It works well for roll-overs in the off-road world, as well as a trick solution for your daily driver.


Constructed of 1/8" pickled & oiled steel, this tray will hold virtually any Gorup 34 or 78 battery, Optima included. The tray can be bolted down with 6 provided holes or bolted sideways with 5 side-positioned holes. Two trays can be bolted together, back-to-back. Tray top can be positioned at 2 heights to accomodate multiple battery configurations. Hardware included.


Note that not all batteries are made equal. There are some odd configurations from Optima that may not work. Tray's inside dimensions are approximately 10" wide x 6-3/4" deep x 7" tall.

Group 34/78 Battery Tray