This DIY exhaust manifold flange was designed off an NA-OM606 head but will also work with turbo engines. The flange is carved out of 1" thick mild steel and has a final thickness of approx. 0.94". The ovals transition down to round holes that are set up for 16ga 1.5" tubing. The tubing holes are counterbored to perfectly align your tubing and make a more forgivingn weld joint. Both sides are machined flat. A partial 1/16" relief cut is made in the middle. Once you are done welding up your manifold, you can take a standard .06"-thick cut-off wheel to finish the relief cut. The internal stresses present in a one-piece flange that long can literally pull the studs right out of your aluminum head during operation. Hardware and gasket not included.


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OM606 DIY Exhaust Manifold Flange