National material shortages are taking their toll. Material for this product is unavailable until 5/18. We plan to machine these as soon as the material comes in. Please continue to order as normal, because I will fill orders out in the order they are received.


The OM60x oil filter relocator was design using an NA-OM606, but will work with turbo models, as well. It should also work for any OM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, and some M-series engines.


This plate replaces the canister filter housing. The aluminum plate has IN and OUT 1/2" NPT ports for the main feed, a 1/4" NPT return for the canister drain, a 1/4" NPT turbo feed, and an 1/8" NPT oil pressure sending unit port. The factory dowels fins are utilized. This block currently comes with a new gasket and hardware. This plate allows you to run your own spin-on filter head and thermostat.


Coming soon:

-Factory canister relocation plate so you can re-use the factory canister housing

-Heater hose fitting

OM60x Oil Filter Relocator