NOTE: ARP is currently EXTREMELY backlogged. This is causing a price increase for their fasteners, and can absolutely affect lead-times of these adapter kits. I have limited quantities of hardware left, and they are out till July on certain fasteners, so if you are planning a spring project, you are best to get your order in ASAP. If you would like to confirm inventory before ordering, please call 402-367-2346.


These parts are now anodized. You can select your preference for gold or clear. If a color is out-of-stock, the other color will be shipped. 


OM617 to AX15/NV3550/NSG370/T18 Adapter Kit will mate your OM617 donor motor to any AX15, NSG370 (2005-2006 4.0L), or NV3550 manual transmission. It also works with the Jeep/AMC T18 and similar T-Series transmissions with the 4.2L I6 bolt pattern.


The kit includes:

-Aluminum Adapter Plate

-Galvanneal starter spacer

-New flywheel

-Crankshaft adapter

-Hardware and custom ARP Flywheel Bolts

-15mm/17mm Input Shaft Adapter Sleeve (optional)


You supply a Ø1" OD pilot bearing from an early 1990's Jeep 4.0L (ex. Timken SCE1295).


There are 2 flywheel options - an AX15 or a T18 (LUK part numbers LFW193 and LFW192, respectively). If running an NSG370, you'll have to convert to the AX15 clutch/flywheel.


The flywheels are machined with a custom bolt pattern and are ready to be bolted on. It is highly recommended that you mark the posiiton of your OM617 flexplate in relation to your crankshaft before removing. This new flywheel comes neutral balanced, and you may not have any issues running it as-is, but your safest bet is to have it "match balanced" to the OM617 flexplate.

Custom ARP bolts are uitilized for the crankshaft spacer and flywheel.


If you are running an older 15mm or 17mm input shaft model, a sleeve will be included to adapt your input shaft up to 3/4". The sleeve is a high-tolerance shrink fit and will not come off without a puller.


Depending on the style of older T-series transmission and clutch linkage, you may need to remove some adapter plate material to uncover clutch linkage mounting holes. This is normal. Removing that material from all the adapter plates would create open holes on the AX15 and newer transmissions, so that material is intentionally left there.


AX15 Dowel Sleeves available here:

OM617 to AX15/NV3550/NSG370/T18 Adapter Kit