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I will be offering these via pre-order, only, oncer per year, in March, during the annual Specialty Adapter Run. These did not receive interest for 2024. They will be available again in 2025.


Before I even go thru the trouble to quote the manufacturing cost of these prior to the "Run", I REQUIRE DEMAND TO BE SHOWN. To show that you intend to buy one of these for the 2025 Run, please order a decal by adding this item to your cart and check out.


Simply as a very rough guess, these OM60x SBF adapters should be between $1200-$2000.



The SBF to OM60x adapter will marry any Ford manual or automatic with the Small Block Ford pattern to the Mercedes OM60x series. This kit was designed using a Ford T19 from a 5.0L. The engines this will work with includes, but is not limited to: OM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM05, OM606, OM612, OM647. It may also work with M103/M104, but is has not been tried yet.


This kit contains an aluminum adapter plate, dust shield, high-grade 2-piece steel crankshaft adapter, hardware, and custom ARP crankshaft adapter bolts.


You supply:

-Flywheel/clutch or torque converter/flexplate

-Pilot/throwout bearing

-Transmission and bellhousing

-Mercedes Starter


The automatic variant is still under devlopment and will be available, soon! Pictures shown are generic and do necessarily represent this specific product.

SBF to OM60x Adapter Kit


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