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These are available for pre-order till Mar 18, as part of this year's Annual Specialty Adapter Run. They won't be available again till March 2025. Only the parts that are pre-ordered will be made. The advertised cost is if I only make ONE adapter. If I get pre-orders for multiple, the price will go down. The MOST you will owe is $1518 + shipping. BUT, that could go down if multiple people pre-order, so help spread the word!! I will pass 100% of the savings on to you!



The SBF to OM617 adapter will marry any Ford manual or automatic with the Small Block Ford pattern. This kit was designed using a Ford T19 from a 5.0L.


This kit contains a 1" aluminum adapter plate, high-grade steel crankshaft adapter, hardware, and custom ARP crankshaft adapter bolts.


You supply:

-Flywheel/clutch or torque converter/flexplate

-Pilot/throwout bearing

-Transmission and bellhousing


SBF to OM617 Adapter Kit

There is a rough lead time of 8 weeks for these to be manufactured after the pre-order ends March 18.

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