The Ultimate-Clearance Front-Sump OM617 Oil Pan is a cost-effective way to gain all the clearance you should need for your OM617 swap without having to go to a full rear-sump conversion. This oil pan retains the factory 6 quart capacity. Installation of this pan requires modification of the oil pickup. You have the option to send your oil pickup to Doomsday Diesel to be modified or do the modification yourself.


If you opt to modify the pickup yourself, you can choose to purchase brand new 6061 extension pieces. You'll be responsible for cutting the factory pickup and welding these new pieces on. Instructions for the modifications are linked on this page. This option includes:

-A square tube cut at the exact dimensions you'll need

-A brand new strainer housing


Luckily, the dimensions of clearance required to fit the OM617 in a Toyota are nearly the same as a Jeep YJ. The difference is the Jeep needs the front side clearanced; the Toyota needs the rear side clearanced. Because of the similar dimensions, it was possible to build a symmetric pan that could be flipped for Toyota or Jeep. What this means for you, as the customer, is the cost of both pans will be the same. Note that Jeep YJ's may require modification of steering/suspension components to work with this pan. This pan DOES NOT work with Jeep XJ's without extreme modifications. Fitment with any other Jeep has not been tested and is not guaranteed. Returns of pans are not accepted, so please refrain from ordering a pan just to test fitment.


The Toyota pan was designed to go with the Doomsday Motor Mounts and Transmission Crossmember Bracket. It is absolutely necessary to run this oil pan if you intend to keep the A/C in your Toyota. This oil pan is also what makes it possible to retain the factory radiator and hood latch. Removal/relocation of the IFS steering stabilizer and removal of the stabilizer mount is required with use of this pan. This pan will clear high-steer drag links if the axle is not moved forward by an extreme amount. It is best to do the engine swap, then the SAS or high-steer conversion. People running RUF will likely need to relocate their steering box or custom fabricate an extended pitman arm. Factory 79-85 Toyota solid axle Pickups/4Runners with factory steering do not require oil pan modifications.


The pan is constructed with a 14ga stainless steel body and a 1/4" pickled and oiled mild steel flange.


This kit comes with an oil pan of your choice, new drain bolt/washer, stainless hardware, and your choice of a modified oil pickup. Gasket not included. Typical lead-time for oil pickup modification is 3-4 weeks. Pans are built-to-order. Pans and pickups are given a 24-hr leak test before shipping.


If opting for Doomsday Diesel to modify your oil pickup, the pickup must be thoroughly cleaned. DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THE CHECK VALVE! There should be no visible oil left on the pickup other than what's behind the check valve. Again, DO NOT remove the spring, piston, and cap bolt (I can't be held liable for you damaging them). The pickup will be machined and welded and must be spotless. There will be a $50 charge for cleaning the pickup if it is not clean enough. Watch the instructional video linked on this page for disassembly and cleaning of the pickup. Ship your pickup to:


Doomsday Diesel
3901 D RD

Bellwood, NE 68624

Ultimate-Clearance Front-Sump OM617 Oil Pan

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