NOTE: ARP is currently EXTREMELY backlogged. This is causing a price increase for their fasteners, and can absolutely affect lead-times of these adapter kits. I have limited quantities of hardware left, and they are out till July on certain fasteners, so if you are planning a spring project, you are best to get your order in ASAP. If you would like to confirm inventory before ordering, please call 402-367-2346.

The VW 1.9 TDI to W56 Adapter Kit will mate your VW 1.9 TDI donor motor to your stock Toyota 5-Speed manual G-52/54 or W56 transmission. All hardware is included, as well as the adapter plate, dust shield, custom pilot bearing (commercially available), starter spacer, and custom ARP flywheel bolts. My custom ARP flywheel bolts allow you to bolt the flywheel directly to the crankshaft, You can opt for a brand new 9-1/4" flywheel. The flywheel is machined to the TDI crank pattern and is ready to be bolted on. This new flywheel comes neutral balanced. This flywheel uses a clutch from a 1994 4x4 22RE Toyota Pickup. CKT049 by Aisin is what I recommend. The Toyota starter is used with this kit.


This adapter plate has provisions for the ALH-hybrid and CJAA aluminum pans. If you're running one of these aluminum pans with the threaded bosses in them, you can opt for the additonal hardware to attach your adapter plate to them. Please be aware that there is a massive variation in dimensions between the Chinese replacement pans vs. OEM. I reverse-engineered a Chinese pan pattern for this batch of adapter plates, only to find out how far off some of these replacement pans are. You may have to slot some of the oil pan holes to mate up to your engine block, just as you may have to slot some of the holes in the adapter to bolts to the oil pan. This will be addressed for future plates.


This kit was designed for the AHU and ALH Volkswagen TDI. However, this plate has been proven to work with the AAZ, BEW, BRM, CJAA, as well as some 1.8L gassers, as they all share the same block pattern. For the BHW, a special pilot bushing is supplied.



9-1/4" Clutch:

VW 1.9 TDI to W56 Adapter Kit