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Saginaw serpentine is now here! Please order the Saginaw bracket here.


All OM617 Serpentine components are available to order off of this page. See links to each part's webpage for full descriptions at bottom.


Oct 2023 Update: I am now only supporting serpentine for OM617’s. While my p/s bracket will work with v-belts, you’d have to figure out tensioning on your own. Serpentine requires deletion of the vacuum pump. You can run my belt-driven vac pump or an electric pump. The mid-idler sits where the factory vac pump would sit.




Why convert to serpentine? Here are the reasons that I encountered that forced me to develop this kit:


-Front-end clearance. The serpentine kit shortens the engine by over 3" compared to the stock configuration with mechanical fan. Add in some slim electric fans, and you'll still have over 2" extra clearance.


-Superchargers require serpentine. This was what originally sparked the idea of serpentine for me.


-V-belts are a pain to keep tensioned. The factory alternator tensioner sucks, to be blunt. I want to "set it and forget it". I also don't want to bloody my knuckles and spend an hour changing v-belts when 1 belt wipes out all the rest. A 3/8 ratchet and 5 mintues are all you need to change a serpentine belt. That's only 1 tool and 1 belt to keep in the glovebox for a trail repair.


The pulleys are 6-rib, black-anodized, aluminum. The pulleys are designed to place the serpentine belt as close to the block as possible.


Tensioner Mounting Bracket: This will line everything up with your other Doomsday brackets, such as your P/S/Alt Bracket and your A/C Bracket.


Included with the Serpentine Conversion:


-Water Pump & Crank Pulleys

-Tensioner Mounting Bracket with Idler Mount

-All Mounting Hardware


What is not included, which you must provide:

-Idler Pulley  Gates 36270

-Short Water Pump (see part #'s at bottom)

-1997 Chevy Pickup 6.5 Diesel Belt Tensioner:

-Serpentine Belt:


The short water pump is required to line up the water pump pulley with the crankshaft pulley. The belt tensioner is from a 1997 Chevy 6.5L Diesel.


Water pump part number:  1102002020 Order from Pelicanparts


Other numbers: AW9299, US9299, GMB 1472050, Dayco DP1216 (not verified).

Please CALL Pelican Parts to order if you cannot find online. They have a part number that isn't on their website: Part #: P0122 (P0122 has been reported to be a non-compatible pump by 1 person. Please make sure Pelican confirms they're sending you the correct part.)

Here are 2 additional links:


Another option for those so inclined is to modify a "long" OM617 water pump. Only certain pumps, such as Gates 41160 have the same OD shaft running thru the whole pump. Others have a larger shaft they turn down at the ends. A pump like the 41160 should be able to be modified with a simple hydraulic press and cutoff wheel.

Known fitment issues: Certain 1985 .952 models have a different thermostat housing. You'll need to drill/tap the interfering port to NPT, plug with a recessed NPT plug, and remove any interfering material from the housing. OM616 and NA OM617 engines are not compatible. 300TD engines with the hyraulic pump  boss do not allow use of my "Tensioner Bracket" without modification on your end.











OM617 Serpentine Conversion Kit

PrecioDesde $465.00
ETA is July 29th, 2024

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