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Jan 18, 2022
In OM617 Swaps
So I've got a sturdy diesel pickup already, and I've also got an excellent OM617A (617.950) that needs a good home besides the rusted-out 300SD that it's currently sitting in. I've looked into refurbing the 300SD, but it's a W116 and parts for them are becoming borderline impossible to find, plus I'm not really all that crazy about an MB chassis anyway. Now my question to the community is this: how generic were these Toyota 22R/RE engine and transmission mounts? If I were to grab, for example, and older Celica on the cheap and try to swap the 22R/RE from that for my good OM617A, what are the odds that the OM617-to-22R kits in the DD shop would work reasonably well? Is that a feasible thing or would I be up to my eyeballs in obstacles? Thanks in advance to anybody who has any input!


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